13 years ago, TK and his wife, Shari, decided to open a business focused on bringing memories to life. Aware of the risk associated with starting a business, the pair figured they were young enough if the company didn’t take off, they could always find corporate jobs to support their family. Fortunately, this was the perfect fit. And here, they have flourished.

In high school, TK discovered his love for photography after taking an introductory course. He continued to follow his passion throughout college and when the opportunity arose, he decided to make a career out of it. As for Shari, she always thought she couldn’t study an image to save her life, but she took to the project like a fish to water.

While they have managed to create a successful business, the couple is no stranger to a messy life. Living on a farm for 14 years with two kids, a dog, a cat, a fish, cows, and turkeys… they definitely understand chaos.

The two created Heritage Box to help families preserve and relive life’s greatest treasure – memories. And like any good treasure, they are typically buried. We work to help you recover forgotten moments, remember special events, and relish in the cherished pasts of your family and friends.

While sorting through your photos may seem like a daunting task, we suggest tackling it the same way you would eat an elephant; one bite at a time! Like you, the number of files we have on our devices on any given day can be intimidating, but we take it bit by bit, day by day until we can provide you with a complete collection of your fondest moments that will last a lifetime.

After uncovering your personal treasures, partner with us to bring your memories back to life!

Safely and simply transition your memories into the digital age.

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