Video Transfer

The length of time to complete a transfer is all dependent on how large your order is and how many orders are ahead of yours. Video transfers are processed in real time; typically a transfer can be completed between 5 and 7 days. However, please allow more time for large orders and during our busy season.

One VHS tape transferred onto DVD costs $30. We offer quantity discounts as low as $15 per tape!

A DVD can hold up to 2 hours of footage.

No, there is no additional cost. You will receive a set of DVD’s with your transfer. For example, a 4 hour tape will be split up into two DVD’s.

Yes! A thumb drive can be included instead of a DVD or added onto any transfer order.

Depending on the size of the thumb drive needed, the additional cost can range from $4.99 for a 2GB to $15.99 for a 16GB.

Yes, we can! Reels are captured in high definition and can be transferred onto your choice of standard definition DVD, Blu-Ray disc, thumb drive, or a combination to meet all of your viewing and archival needs.

We would have to inspect your reels to determine what method was used to record the audio. We are equipped to transfer reels with optical sound in-house. However, reels with magnetic sound strips (often copper) must be sent to an out lab for transfer.

Reel transfers are priced $0.25 /ft for 8mm and $0.35/ft for 16mm plus a set up fee. The set up fee is dependent on what type of media you choose. A Blu-ray disc or MP4 digital copy on a thumb drive is $34.99. While not recommended, a standard definition DVD is $49.99.

Because reel footage is captured in high definition, it takes an additional process to save the footage in standard definition for a DVD. In doing this process, you will lose a substantial amount (66% to be exact) of your video’s original quality.

No worries! The footage can still be captured in high definition and transferred to a thumb drive. No quality will be lost.

We run automatic enhancements with each transfer; however, these enhancements are very subtle. For example, fuzzy VHS footage cannot be made high quality, but it can be brightened if the footage is dark.

Yes, but there is an additional source fee added to combine tapes onto one disc. It can become rather costly and is not recommended. For example, to combine two tapes onto one disc, you would pay two transfers plus a $39.99 additional source fee.

Reels typically have footage markings along the outside to help measure the length of the film. A 3 inch reel holds 50 feet of film, a 5 inch reel holds 200 feet, and a 7 inch reel holds 400 feet.

A standard DVD holds 2 hours of footage and a 50ft reel is typically 3-4 minutes. A Blu-Ray disc also holds 2 hours of footage.

No, it is included in the set up fee of the media you choose. We fit as many as possible onto one disc or thumb drive.

Yes, VHS Cassettes are priced the same as VHS tapes.

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