Whether you want to declutter your home or just take a trip down memory lane, your first step when it comes to your home videos and images should be converting your VHS tapes, photos, and other media to digital files.

Transferring these items can help you organize and can help make your memories easier to share. But honestly, who has the time to scan each of your old photos, or has the equipment you need to properly digitize movie reels or slides?

Luckily, Kentucky Archivers is here to help! Send us your memories and we’ll do all the work, transferring multiple types of media into shareable, digital copies. If you’re still on the fence about choosing us as your video transfer service, consider us for the following reasons:

1. Reliability

No one wants to imagine a disaster striking their house, but sadly, it can and will happen. Fires, water damage, and weather can all affect your household items, especially your photos and old home movies.

However, here at Kentucky Archivers, we take pride in our work, and can promise you that your media will be safe with us. After 20 years of service, we can confidently say that you will not be disappointed when you decide to convert your home movies to DVD, or digitize any other forms of media including, but not limited to, movie reels, film, slides, and photos.

Put your mind at ease and find out why our company has been trusted with memories since 1997.

2. Ease of Use

When looking for a video transfer service, you do not want to worry about complicated processes that make you regret the decision to digitize your media by converting home movies to DVD.

With Kentucky Archivers, converting your family photos and old VHS tapes is just a few simple steps away. First, go to our easy-to-use website and choose which box you would like to order based on the type and amount of media you want us to convert. Then, once your crush-free box arrives in the mail, fill it with your original media and send it back to us.

After we receive these materials, we will work our digitizing magic and create new files for you to have and share with your family and friends. Once all is said and done, we will send back your original media, as well as the new copies!

3. Quality of Product

We understand that your media is extremely important to you. Because of this, we make sure that all our transferring equipment is of the highest quality so that we can turn your files into exactly what you want. Our company uses top-of-the-line scanning services that can reduce the appearance of scratches. We always use transferring services that can convert your home movies to DVD with no problems.

Your satisfaction as our customer is a top priority for us here at Kentucky Archivers, and we assure you that your photos, VHS tapes, film reels, or whatever type of media you send us, is in the best of hands.

4. Price

When considering different video transferring services to convert your home movies to DVD, it’s easy to be enticed by companies that offer unbelievably low prices. Sometimes, the cheapest option is not your best option, and when entrusting a company with your family’s memories, you do not want to take any chances.

If an inexperienced person attempts to convert your VHS tapes to DVD, or tries to digitize your old family movie reels without understanding all the precautions to take, he or she could do irreversible damage to your files. Once an original piece of media is ruined, that piece of your history is gone forever.

No one wants to see that happen. At Kentucky Archives, our employees are trained extensively on the art of video conversion, and will not let you or your family members down.

5. Speed

One of the most common reasons as to why your photos and film reels are still boxed up in your basement is time. No one has the time or the equipment it takes to go through each box and scan everything into digital files.

Because this process can be so time-consuming, some video converter services take up to several months to get your new media and your originals back to you. However, with Kentucky Archivers, we get you your media back to you in about half as long as it takes other companies.

Our turn-around times are quoted in business days and are based on standard transfer rates that apply to each type of media. When it comes to converting your files to digital, we respect your schedules and work as hard as we can to make sure your files make it back to you in a timely manner.

6. Location

Even if speed does not play a role for you in choosing a video converting service, location might. Our company is proudly made in the USA. We pride ourselves in being from the Bluegrass State. We have been happily serving Kentuckiana for 20 years now, and cannot imagine serving a better area.

Though we are based out of Louisville, Kentucky, we still ship all over the US and cannot wait to help you preserve your family’s memories by converting your home movies to DVD and so much more.

7. Safety

A common reason our customers are hesitant to convert to digital stems from the fear of their original copies getting damaged in the process. Large companies that promise your items’ safety can sometimes be rough with your packaging, or delivery services forget to “handle with care”.

Thankfully, with our company, we use crush proof boxes and send you pre-paid return mailing labels to ensure your media’s protection. Also, because we are not an overseas company, we can help guarantee the safety and security of your film, by minimizing the chance of them being lost in transit.

When you send us your cherished memories, know that you can trust in us to return them in the exact same condition.

8. Privacy

When you send off your media, you want peace of mind knowing that it will safely return to you, being seen by only those you intended. Each of our boxes get specific registration codes that can track each photo, DVD, movie reel, and any other items you send to us.

This ensures that your media stays together, does not get lost, and most importantly, does not get shipped to the wrong address. Just as you protect your memories, we will make sure that your media gets to the right hands, and stays in the right hands. At Kentucky Archivers, we promise you that each of the boxes you send to us will be handled with absolute privacy.

9. Customer Reviews

It’s important to consider what other customers are saying about a video converting service before you make the decision on which company to choose.

We serve several different types of customers. Whether you are a professional photographer who needs film developed or someone just simply looking to declutter your basement by converting all your home movies to DVD, we promise that we care about what you have to say.

Because of this, we encourage you to look at the numerous customer reviews that are on our website and fill one out yourself!

Don’t just take our word about our great service. Check out what others are saying first!

10. Customer Service/Support

Customer care can make or break a company. We assure you that your needs are our top priority.

We understand that your media items hold a special place in your heart and we will be sure to help with whatever questions you may have before, during, and after the converting process. Trust your memories with a company that specializes in the preservation of your happiest moments.

We cannot wait to help you.

Safely and simply transition your memories into the digital age.

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