How It Works

Order your Heritage Box and we ship it to you

Fill crush-proof box with your original media and ship it back

We work our magic to digitize your home movies, photos, etc

We return all your originals and your new digital media

Unlike the other guys, we perform all of our transfers locally in our Louisville, KY location where we have multiple pieces of equipment to get the best results possible. We operate close to home so our customers can relax knowing we are keeping their memories safe. After all, they’re precious to us as well.

Our boxes are designed to ensure the safety and security of your memories in shipping and at our location. Each piece of your media gets labeled with an order number. Similar to a coat check, you receive an order number and our systems use this order number to track your order and ensure your media box is returned to you with all the proper materials inside. This also helps to protect your privacy against all other orders in our system.

Looking for a special gift for your family? Look no further! Imagine your family watching, laughing, and reliving each of these moments like it was yesterday. Our services can bring your collections to life!

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We accept a variety of formats.

We’re built to handle eclectic collections. From VHS to old school film, you’re in good hands.

Safely and simply transition your memories into the digital age.

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